Facilities Management Building


To ensure that the citizens of New Mexico and State Agencies receive the best value in design, construction and management of state-owned and leased facilities. To provide clean, safe, energy-efficient work environments for our employees and customers and to support the sustainability, energy efficiency, and capital improvement of state facilities

Facilities Management Division’s (FMD’s) services our Executive Agencies under the jurisdiction of FMD.

Facilities Management Division’s (FMDs) internal land holding listing and ensures that the listing reconciles with GSD/FMD’s internal records within the Asset Information Management (AIM) database and GSDs financial database of record.

FMD Conforms and complies with applicable statutes and rules governing building standards and tenant agreements within GSD/FMD owned buildings and other real property under FMD/GSD’s jurisdiction, ensuring proper public safety within the premises and the care and preservation of the buildings and grounds are maintained as stipulated in the tenant agreement(s). In accordance with§ 15-3B of New Mexico Statutes 1978 Annotated (NMSA 1978) and the New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC)

Your cooperation in this effort will help ensure that state facility needs are met and in the most cost effective manner.

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Jeffries, Asset Management Bureau Chief (505) 670-7423 Elizabeth.Jeffries@gsd.nm.gov
Stella L. Chavez, Real Property Manager (505) 490-2313 Stella.Chavez@gsd.nm.gov
Elizabeth Archuleta, Real Property Compliance Officer (505) 629-9577 Elizabeth.Archuleta@gsd.nm.gov
Real Property Compliance Officer VACANT

Real Property Documents: