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Resources and Information

Volume I - Developing Request for RFPs

Volume II - The RFP Process

Professional Services Determination Memo

SPD Policy Memo FY09-001: Cabinet Secretary Transmittal Letter Required for Procurement Code Violation Determinations 11/10/08

SPD Policy Memo FY09-002: Audit/Review Required for Procurement Code Violations Over $100,000 01/08/09

SPD Policy Memo FY13-003: Professional Services with Small Amounts of Non-Professional Services or Goods

SPD Policy Memo FY13-004: Sole Source and Emergency Procurements Posting - Replaces SPD Policy Memo FY10-008: Sole Source Approval Request Handling 09/16/09

SPD Policy Memo FY13-005: Chief Procurement Officer Registry

SPD Policy Memo FY13-006: New Mexico State Use Act Implementation Update

SPD Policy Memo FY17-001: Efficacy and Validity of Determinations

State Purchasing Memorandum on The Use of Piggybacking

Determination Memo Professional - General

12.10.19 Memorandum on ITPS Statewide Price Agreements

12.10.19 Memorandum on In-State/Out-of-State Contract Reporting

State Purchasing Implementation of NIGP Commodity Codes

SPD Policy Memo FY20-001 Use of Statewide Price Agreements

SPD Policy Memo 10.3.2019 - Further Clarification for In-State/Out-of-State Reporting/Sole Source/Emergencies

SPD Policy Memo 2.5.2020 - Further Clarification for In-State/Out-of-State Reporting

6.5.2020 Advisory Opinion No. 2020-04

6.8.2020 SPD Memorandum Construction Contract Reporting Under HB319 & CPO Designation Certification Letter

6.5.2020 Application of State Use Act to Counties

6.15.2020 Emergency and Hazard Procurement Memo & Risk ADVISORY for COVID-19 Related Procurements

8.7.2020 Advisory Opinion No. 2020-05

2.25.21 State Ethics Commission Opinion 2021-02

Design-Build Project Delivery System

Government Advertising Rates

Proposals for Construction and Facility Services and Repair

SPD Code of Ethics

State of New Mexico Debarment/Suspension Regulations

State of New Mexico Procurement Code

State of New Mexico Procurement Regulations

Professional Services Determination Guidance

Horizons of New Mexico

RFP Templates

RFP Procurement Authorization Form

One Page Notice

RFP Checklist

RFP Financial Stability Examples

RFP Template - Electronic Submission of Proposals Only v.1.6 2021-04

For Purchasing Division use. Provided for reference only

Pre-Proposal Conference Login Sheet

Reference Questions

Award Letter

Master Lease

Award Letter Template

New Draft Contract Template

With DocuSign IDR and Anchors

New Draft Contract Amendment Template v.03 2021-01

With DocuSign IDR and Anchors

DoIT Templates

Emergency Justification Request Form

Sole Source Justification Request Form

NIGP Commodity Codes

Commodity Codes V2.1

Supplier Online Registration Link

Supplier Online Registration Guide

Vendor Preference Application

New Mexico Substitute W-9 - and Other DFA Documents

Quarterly Gross Sales Report

General Purchasing

New Mexico Public Procurement Association


National Institute of Governmental Purchasing

National Association of State Procurement Officials

State Government

Department of Information Technology Contract Review Board

Federal Government

General Services Administration

GSA Policy and Regulations

Federal Acquisition Regulations