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Defensive Driving Class

When registering an employee for Defensive Driving Course, what information will I need to complete registration?

  • Full name of individual attending
  • Driver license number
  • Agency Name
  • Date and location of class
  • Date of last Defensive Driving Course taken
  • Name, telephone number, email address (if available) of agency contact person
  • Out of state driving history (if applicable) *Must provide a current driving record from within the last 30 days

What is the cost of this course?

  • $30.00 per student (4 hour class)
  • $30.00 per student¬†(6 hour class)

How/When can we pay for this course?

  • We no longer accept PO’ s from the state agenies. We will accept payment in the form of operating transfer only.
  • We will no longer accept payments in the form of cash, check or money order. It will be the agency’s responsibility to pay for the class and request reimbursement from the student/employee if the student/employee has attended the DDC because of an accident or suspension of their state driving privileges.

Special Note:

All purchase documents will be accepted from entities outside of state government:
  • What the registration is for
  • Name of employee(s) attending
  • The date they are attending
  • Document number
  • Agency authorized signature(s) to be valid.

Courses We Offer:

4 hour course is for employees that are within 30 days of expiring but have not yet expired (see calendar below for available days/times).

4 hour online course is for renewals only. Please attach a copy of your expiring DDC (click here to register).

6 hour course is for new, expired and suspended employees (see calendar below for available days/times).

Note to students:  Food and drinks are allowed in our classrooms.  Please bring your own snacks.

Note: In the event that Governor issues a 2-hour delay due to inclement weather or road closing, Defensive Driving Classes will be cancelled and rescheduled within 10 days.

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