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Layout Tips

It is important that you remember a few things about how your piece needs to be developed for mailing purposes. The United State Postal Services has requirements that must be met for mailability and to keep your costs down.
  1. Your return address needs to be on the opposite side of the fold. If your piece is a self-mailer (ex. a brochure) when you are looking at the mail panel the fold needs to be at the bottom, the address in the upper left corner, and a tab in the center top. It is always best to print one out yourself and fold it to see if it is laid out correctly.
  2. If your piece has staples along the spine and is folded to 5½” x 8½”, you will need to have TWO tabs applied to mail it. Most tri-fold brochures and pieces without staples only need one tab. You cannot seal brochures with staples, these will jam in the mail sorting machines. KSPS has adhesive dots available if you would like to apply them yourself, or we can machine apply them for you.

If your piece is larger than regular letter mail dimensions (a catalog) your address placement needs to be on the top half of the mailpiece. Items such as unfolded newsletters, magazines, and envelopes larger than 11½”x 6⅛” will need to conform to this rule. Note: If your newsletter is larger than 12 pages (click here to learn more on how to count pages) it will be not be able to folded down to 5½” x 8½” and will be mailed out as a flat.