Instructions for Requesting Notary Bonds

Employees of State Agencies and Educational Institutions covered by Risk Management may request a $10,000 Notary Bond by following the steps below or applicants may choose to use the FILLABLE FORM:

  • The exact spelling of the notary Applicant’s Name as it appears on their driver’s license or other Government issued identification with photo
  • Each request must include whether the bond requested is to support a new application or renewal
    • If a new applicant, please write “new”
    • If applicant is seeking a renewal, write “renewal” and include the expiration date of the current commission
  • The exact mailing address for each requested bond
  • Supervisor’s Signature must be either a “wet” signature or a digitally verifiable signature such as DocuSign or Acrobat
  • Requests for bonds should be emailed to
  • Bonds will be issued once a week as determined by the GSD Risk Management Division
  • Bonds cannot be faxed or emailed as the “original” bond is required for applications for a notary commission from the Secretary of State’s Office.

NOTE: For complete information and for questions regarding the new notary public requirements/law, notary certificates/commissions, payments and policies and procedures for the notary program, please contact the Secretary of State’s Office, Notary Division, at 505-827-3600 or visit their website at