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Workers’ Compensation Bureau

Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance that provides compensation for medical care and indemnity benefits for employees who are injured in the course and scope of their employment with a State entity.
The Workers’ Compensation Bureau (WCB) consists of a Bureau Chief and nine Claims Adjusters; 8 adjusters reside at the Santa Fe office location and one adjuster resides permanently in Las Cruces.

In FY10, there were 2,304 new claims filed with the Risk Management Division Worker’s Compensation Bureau; two hundred seventy two (272) were Indemnity claims, in which an injured worker lost more than 7 days from work and or received an indemnity benefit.

The WCB continues to hold training sessions throughout the State upon request, for all insured State entities.  Training is focused to assist State entities in assisting them with the timely completion of statutory state mandated forms with an emphasis on “Early return to Work” for injured workers.

Through the training efforts of the WCB,  premium reductions and cost savings for the entities RMD insures are realized. The Bureau also holds claim review meetings with the larger agencies to assist in reducing liability, identifying safety issues, and lowering costs.

The WCB complies with the reporting requirements mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, which includes criteria for the settlement of claims.

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