FY24 Approved Commuters and Submittal of FY23 Completed Commuting Report

Pursuant to NMAC Administration and Use of State Vehicles, all State Departments and Agencies are to submit a list of agency-approved commuters along with the attached “Annual Authorization To Use State Vehicles to Commute” form for FY24 to the General Services Department (GSD) by October 15, 2023. The list must be approved and signed by the agency’s Cabinet Secretary or Executive Director. Please submit the listing and the forms to GSD, attention Diana Barela at diana.barela@gsd.nm.gov. Remember that Cabinet Secretaries requesting a state vehicle for commuting purposes for FY24 must also obtain prior approval from the Governor’s Office.

In addition, the final FY23 commuting report is also due October 15, 2023. The FY23 annual commuting report shall also include: (1) a copy of the agency’s commuting policy if not already on file at TSD; (2) a report describing agency’s annual activity of employee commuting; which needs to include each approved employee’s name; job title; work location; home of record; vehicle license plate; total number of miles traveled; the number of times vehicle was taken home; the number of times employee was called back during FY23. The reporting period for this report is from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

If your agency does not have commuters, please indicate that this is the case and that there is no report to be filed with TSD. Please complete and submit “Agency Form For Providing Commuting Policy with No Commuters” to TSD.

Please send your approved FY24 commuter forms and your final FY23 commuting reports to: Diana Barela of TSD, 2542 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505, diana.barela@state.nm.us. You may also contact Ms. Barela at: (505) 827-1958 for further assistance.

Memo FY24 Approved Commuters and Submittal of FY23 Completed Commuting Report

Memo FY22 Finals and FY23 Commuting Approvals

TSD Commuter Form for Agency Policy and No Commuters

TSD Commuter Form with Approvals