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Online Defensive Driving Course Instructions


Background: TSD has been offering the following Defensive Driving Classes:

  • Virtual 4 hour refresher
  • In-person 4 hour refresher
  • Virtual 6 hour class for new employees and suspended
  • In-person 6 hour class for new employees and suspended
  • On-line 6 hour course for new employees and those that are expired and not suspended.

TSD was recently informed by the National Safety Council that the current 6 hour on-line course can now only be used as a four hour refresher course. The National Safety Council is in the process of creating a new 6 hour on-line defensive driving class. Once this is available we will introduce this to our DDC curriculum.

Effective immediately, TSD will only utilize the current on-line Defensive Driving Course as a four hour refresher. Keep in mind that when you sign up to take this class you only have a total of 10 days to complete this course. This timeframe restriction is set by the vendor and cannot be extended without have to purchase another key to the course. This cost will continue at the $30.00 per course. As a rule, students will be allowed to take this course up to 60 days prior to expiring and will be allowed a 30 day grace period after their certificate expires.

All other Defensive Driving Courses will stay the same as above where we will be utilizing the virtual environment (via TEAMS) or in-person classes. All classes will be $30.00.

When registering an employee for Defensive Driving Course, what information will I need to complete registration?

  • Full name of individual attending;
  • Driver license number;
  • Agency Name and Code;
  • Name, telephone number, email address (verify information for accuracy) of agency contact person
  • Out of state driving history (if Applicable)

What is the cost of this course?

  • $30.00 per student (online class)

How/When can we pay for this course?

  • We no longer accept PO’ s from the state agencies. We will accept payment in the form of operating transfer only.
  • We will no longer accept payments in the form of cash, check or money order. It will be the agencies responsibility to pay for the class and request reimbursement from the student/employee if the student/employee has attended the DDC because of an accident or suspension of their state driving privileges.

How does it work?

  • Register for online training by filling out the registration form below
  • A confirmation of registration will be sent to your email address
  • A notice of eligibility with a link to Administrative Use of State Vehicles (Part 1) will be sent to your email address
  • You will have 10 business days to complete the Online Training. Your agency will be billed if you fail to complete the Online Training in the allowed time frame
  • Once you begin the online training, there will be no cancelations allowed.
  • After successfully completing Part 1, you will receive a link to the National Safety Council Online Defensive Driving Course (Part 2)
  • Upon successful completion of Part 2, you will receive your Defensive Driving Certificate in the mail.

Special Note

Who’ s eligible for online DDC?:
  • Only State Employees seeking renewal of driving certificates

System requirements

  • Mozilla Firefox, version 12 or later, for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows
  • Google Chrome, version 19 or later, for Windows or Mac OS
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 9, for Windows
  • Apple Safari, version 5.1 or later, for Mac OS X and Windows
  • Adobe Flash Player, version 10 or later
  • JavaScript enabled

Other browsers might work, but are not supported. If you encounter problems when using a nonsupported browser, try using one of the supported browser versions.

Required Connectivity and Recommended Connection Speeds

Online Defensive Driving is a Web-based application and requires Internet access. For best performance, use a broadband connection such as Cable or DSL

  • firewall access
  • Firewall – Both Network and local firewalls (hardware/software) could potential block the communication. Please consult with your network administrator or firewall manual how to alter the permissions.
  • VPN Connection: Please close the VPN Connection and re-launch the course.
The best way to test if your hardware and software (OS) are compatible with the course is to play the Demo Course