ADR Coordinator & Mediator Resources

Online Mediation Services

Resources for ADR Coordinators

2. When is Mediation the Best Choice?

This document is helpful in assessing if mediation is appropriate.

3. Mediation Opt-In/Opt-Out Form - Template

This template memo is intended for use by ADR Coordinators when offering mediation to interested employees.

4. Pre-Mediation Tool

This worksheet is intended to assist the parties in preparing for mediation.

5. SPO Classification Description

This description details the role of the ADR Coordinator and the agency’s responsibility to provide access to ADR services.

Resources for Mediators

If you are a mediator (have completed a 40-Hour Mediation Certification Course) and would like to volunteer for our program, please contact us or see our Mediator Profile Registration page.

1. Expectations of Mediators

Mediators commit to abide by these guidelines.

2. Agreement to Mediate & Confidentiality Form

All mediation participants must review and sign prior to mediation being scheduled.