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“We Deliver Accountability, Service, and Dependability”


          Mission:  The Administrative Services Division (ASD) of the General Services Department (GSD) provides responsive, accurate, and timely financial management of the Department’s  enterprise and general fund operations to exceed the expectations of all Divisions and to support GSD’s overall mission.

      Organization:  ASD strives to maintain the highest quality administrative support for GSD and all its divisions with experienced and professional staff in the following areas: Accounts Payable-Purchasing/Contracts, General Ledger/Accounts Receivable and Budget.

The professional staff is dedicated to answering your questions and providing assistance. We invite you to explore our services.

Michael Lujan

Michael Lujan
Acting Administrative Service Division Director and CFO

GSD Proposed changes to NMAC 2.20.1


Copies of the proposed rule are also available at the Administrative Services Division located at General Services Department, Administrative Services Division, Joseph Montoya Building, Room 3078, 1100 St. Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505.
A copy of the proposed rule may also be requested by contacting Michael B. Lujan at (505) 827-1730.