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General Ledger / Accounts Receivable Bureau

The General Ledger/Accounts Receivable Bureau of ASD is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and reconciling the financial activities of GSD and providing efficient and accurate support for the Department’s annual financial audit. Daily activities include providing state-wide billing for enterprise fund operations, collecting and recording payments, following up on past-due accounts, and reconciling all funds and accounts attributed to GSD to the State’s financial system.

Services provided include:

  • Reconciling Payroll to General Ledger; creating, entering, and posting journal entries
  • Coordinating annual financial audit
  • Accounting and reporting capital assets
  • Reporting Gross Receipts Taxes
  • Creating and/or processing Operating Transfers and CFRs
  • Preparing, collecting, and reconciling receivables accounts
  • Preparing electronic billing statements for state-wide enterprise funds
  • Maintaining the on-line statement portal for customer access to accounts
  • Maintaining a standard email address for communicating with all customers regarding account invoices, balances, and statements: GSD.Billing@state.nm.us

First-time users of On-line Statement Portal:  REGISTER HERE for access to the web-based e-billing system for electronic invoices and payment confirmations.