State of New Mexico Fine Arts Claim Report

Protect and Preserve the Artwork in a Safe Place

1. Missing or Stolen Art
  • Report to Police Department immediately. Take photographs of any forcible entry or evidence.
  • Advise owner of loss.
  • Report to the State of New Mexico Risk Management Division, Property & Casualty Bureau – Claims
  • Continue to search for missing artwork.
2. Transit Damage
  • Save all transit documentation and packing as evidence. Take photographs of damage.
  • Immediately notify shipper of damage, follow-up with a letter putting them on notice of loss.
  • Advise owner of loss.
3. Other physical damage
  • Collect all damaged artworks. Take photographs of damage.
  • Determine cause of loss and whether another party is responsible for damage.
  • Advise owner of loss.

In event of a claim please complete this form