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Loss Prevention and Control Bureau!

Support all statewide efforts to reduce insurable losses


 Loss Prevention and Control Bureau

Our goal is to work closely with all Risk Management Division insured agencies as indicated in General Services Department Rule NMAC 1.6.4, Loss Prevention Program benefits everyone. Employee and citizen accidents and/or damages are prevented or minimized, which in turn minimizes negative impact on state resources.



What is the loss prevention program?

  • Any managerial system or systems intended to identify potential or actual loss situation and the implementation of a strategy to prevent of manage loss
  • Is in Compliance with NMAC 1.6.4,  the Loss Prevention and Control Program
  • This program applies to all state agencies, including elected officials and institutions of higher education


What are the program’s goals?

  • Prevent and control insurable losses in state government
  • Integrate Loss Prevention and Control activities into state agency operations
  • Establish systematic safety and Loss Prevention and Control mechanisms within state agencies
  • Develop uniform loss control reporting procedures for state agencies