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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I do business with the State?
By seeking opportunities and submitting competitive bids and proposals in response to publicly advertised requests.
For procurements expected to be greater than $60,000 ($60,000 for professional services) formal solicitations are issued and sealed bids or proposals must be submitted.
Procurements less than $60,000 ($60,000 for professional services) are handled by the individual Agency in need and are based on three valid quotes (for values over $20,000 and not exceeding $60,000) or from the vendor offering the “best obtainable price” at or below $20,000. Vendors should contact agencies directly to identify needs and potential marketing opportunities.
2. What does the State Buy?
All goods and services necessary to the operation of government.
3. Do I have to register to participate in competitive procurements?
No. However, SPD offers an optional vendor registration program that provides notification to vendors when a procurement is initiated in an area of interest to the vendor.
4. How do I register as a vendor with SPD?
Vendors can now register online by clicking here 
5. What level of gifts is acceptable to give to SPD?
While other state agencies my have some minimum level of acceptable and allowable gifts, based on statute or otherwise, due to the nature of our work we have a zero tolerance policy in this area. As such, NO gifts are acceptable by the State Purchasing Division or any of the staff members within the division. This prohibition includes gift boxes, coffee mugs, ball caps, pens, calendars, and the like – regardless of whether the vendor’s name appears on the item or not.
6. Does the State offer a preference for Minority Owned Businesses, Women Owned Businesses, Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses or the like when selecting vendors for contract awards?
No, New Mexico law makes no provision for preferences for any of the referenced groups. The only preferences provided for in law are a maximum of 7,8 and 10% preference for Resident Veteran Business and 5% preference for Resident Businesses, Resident Manufacturers and Resident Contractors. Please contact Department of Taxation and Revenue at 505-827-0951 for more information.
7. Who do I contact to get a vendor preference?
As of October 5, 2011, applications for in-state preference will no longer be processed through the State Purchasing Division. All resident businesses, veterans and contractors will have to obtain a preference number with the NM Department of Taxation & Revenue.
For additional information please call 505-827-0951.
8. How can I get a duplicate copy of my preference certification?
Please contact 505-827-0951
9. How can I get my vendor number?
Under our new online vendor registration system, the State Purchasing Division does not require a vendor number. For your Vendor number information through the States Financial System you can contact the Department of Finance and Administration.
10. What is the grace period for the submission of bids or proposals?
There is none. Vendors or offerors are fully responsible for their bids or proposals, including getting them to the State Purchasing Division, up until the point that the bid or proposal is presented to us for receipt. If your delivery person (including a member of your staff or your selected express mail delivery service) fails to deliver a bid or proposal before the receipt deadline, the full responsibility falls on the vendor or offeror. A bid or proposal received at 2:01, in response to a 2:00 deadline, will be considered non-responsive and will not be eligible for consideration. Vendors and offerors are encouraged to submit their responses at least one day early to ensure against unforeseen delivery issues such as weather or traffic problems.
11. Can I fax/E-Mail in my bid or proposal?
No. We currently have no provision to properly receive and secure bids or proposals received by fax or E-Mail and such submissions would fail the “sealed” requirement set forth in law. We hope to have this capability at some point in the future but do not have anything firmly scheduled at this time
12.  Do I have to be a registered vendor to get a copy of an RFP or ITB?
No. you can now download RFPs or ITBs off our website for free. However, we do charge $0.25 per page if needed for duplication costs.
13. If I am not a registered vendor but want to purchase a copy of an RFP or ITB, do I have to physically go to State Purchasing office to do so?
No. You can contact our receptionist at 505-827-0472 for assistance for the dollar amount of the document you are requesting, Once we receive your payment along with an email address, we will then email the documents. Unfortunately at this time we can only take checks or money orders.