Facilities Management Building

Operations & Maintenance Bureau

The Facilities Management Division (FMD) is responsible per Section 15-3B-4 NMSA 1978 for all property owned by the state (except property controlled by the state land office) and all property leased from private owners. For the Operations & Maintenance Bureau, this responsibility is specific to the operation and maintenance of 1.5 million square feet of state owned buildings within the city of Santa Fe among four campuses. From curb to roof, the Operations and Maintenance Bureau is responsible for: building operations, maintenance of real property in the buildings, maintenance of the landscaping and grounds, custodial services and security of property.


Building Modifications:

Requests for building modifications are required in order to make any changes to a state owned building that may impact: building systems like electrical supply, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, etc. All executive agencies must request proposed changes through the Building Modification process with the forms. All requests for proposed changes will be evaluated in accordance with space use standards and building codes.


Building Access (key/access badges):

Authorizing access begins with a work request. To add or delete an employee assigned to the building an electronic access card, submit a work order with the name and phone number of the employee, the building name and the hours of access authorized (8 AM to 5 PM, for example).