Facilities Management Building

Division Office

Division Director Anna Silva 505-827-2141
Deputy Director Peter Barrington 505-827-2141
Legal Deputy Director  Dale Morrison 505-827-2141
Environmental Safety & Health Coordinator
Thomas Gonzales 505-467-9281
Performance Manager Suzzanne St.Clair 505-476-2433
Office Manager Cheron Vigil 505-827-2141


Project Management Team (PMT)

Project Manager Team Lead Jim Lindeman 505-470-8329
Project Manager Deniz Berdine 505-570-7249
Project Manager
Bill Daniel
Project Manager
Richard Motelet
Project Manager
Jennie Olguin 505-629-2302
Project Manager
Delores Two-Bulls 505-490-3282
Project Manager
Jon Stoltzfus 505-695-8390
Project Manager  Larry Ford 505-660-7447


Capital Projects 

Staff Architect
Martin Kuziel 505-795-0116
Project Advisor
Jayita Sahni 505-670-7405
Strategic Financial Manager 
Kevin Barela  505-231-0372
Purchasing Agent  Danielle Wilhite 505-469-5856
Purchasing Agent  Carla Acosta  505-470-2241
Purchasing Agent  Randy Herrera  505-795-2677
Purchasing Agent  Eliar Bojorquez 505-470-7559
Purchasing Agent  Jose Gallegos 505-629-9055
Purchasing Agent  Angelic Sena  505-670-3628
Purchasing Agent  Christian Herrera 505-469-1398


Asset Management 

Asset Management Bureau Chief Elizabeth Jeffries 505-670-7423
Leasing Manager Terry Lease 505-412-2001
Leasing Specialist – Team Leasing Connie Garcia  505-570-7744
Leasing Specialist – Team Leasing
Michelle Gonzales  505-231-2590
Leasing Specialist – Team Leasing Monica Fresquez 505-469-7441
Real Property Manager
Cheri Lujan 
Real Property Administrative Assistant  Michael Malinowski 505-412-7636
Compliance Officer Stella Chavez  505-490-2313
Archivist Roberta Moreno 505-469-0285
Facilities Operations Safety & Security Administrative Office Maintenance Management Campus Complex Operators
O & M Bureau Chief
Stephen Trujillo
Facilities & Operations Manager
Fire Safety Coordinator
Andres Martinez
Office of the Director
Division Director
 Anna Silva
Deputy Director
Peter Barrington
Maintenance Staff Manager
Anthony Kubasek
Maintenance Programs
Custodial Services Manager
Chris Cardenas
Landscape Services Manager
Peter Sandoval
FMD Warehouse 
Central Complex
South Complex
West Complex
East Complex


After-Hours On Call-Emergency