Facilities Management Building

Division Office

Division Director Anna Silva 505-827-2141
Deputy Director Peter Barrington 505-827-2141
Office Manager Roberta Moreno 505-469-0285


Project Management Team (PMT)

Staff Architect Martin Kuziel 505-795-0116
Capital Projects Chief Administrator Marty Perrins-Dallman 505-470-8084
Special Projects Jim Lindeman 505-470-8329
Project Manager Lead Denise Ip 505-670-5655
Project Advisor Jayita Sahni 505-670-7405
Project Manager Deniz Berdine 505-570-7249
Project Manager Larry Ford 505-660-7447
Project Manager JoeAdam Gallegos 505-690-4744
Project Manager Rob Luedeke 505-469-4036
Project Manager Marilyn Martinez 505-670-5917
Project Manager Richard Motelet 505-795-2387
Project Manager Kenneth Pin 505-629-2302
Project Manager Tim Sedillo 505-795-2677
Project Manager Jon Stoltzfus 505-695-8390
Project Manager Mark Vigil 505-690-8087


Project Administration Team

Project Control Manager Delores Two-Bulls 505-490-3282
Capital Projects Planning Manager Kevin Barela 505-231-0372
Contract Specialist Ray Duran 505-629-6951
Project Administrator Carla Acosta 505-470-2241
Project Administrator Joshua Baca 505-477-1409
Project Administrator Hannah Carver 505-670-2855
Project Administrator Jennifer Guhl 505-231-3973
Project Administrator Christian Herrera 505-469-1398
Project Administrator Randy Herrera 505-670-9864
Project Administrator Megan Lujan 505-690-9786
Project Administrator Rose Moya 505-231-2590
Project Administrator Angelic Sena 505-670-3628


Asset Management 

Bureau Chief Elizabeth Jeffries 505-670-7423
Real Property Manager Stella Chavez 505-490-2313
Archivist Vacant
Compliance Officer Vacant
Leasing Manager Teresa Arias 505-412-2001
Facilities Operations Safety & Security Administrative Office Maintenance Management Campus Complex Operators
O & M Bureau Chief
Joaquin Nielsen
Fire Safety Manager
Andres Martinez
Work Control Center
Office of the Director &
Deputy Director
Maintenance Staff Manager
Anthony Kubasek
Custodial Services Manager
Chris Cardenas
Landscape Manager
Kevin Abell
Central Complex
South Complex
West Complex
East Complex


After-Hours On Call-Emergency