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Facilities Management Division

The Facilities Management Division is responsible for:


  • approximately 750 owned buildings of all types,
    • approximately 1.5 million square feet of State owned buildings
    • approximately 6.8 million square feet, valued at over $1.5 billion replacement cost,


  • approximately 380 leased properties,
    • approximately 2.7 million square feet, requiring nearly $48 million in rent payments, annually.


Jurisdiction:  Per Chapter 15-3B-2, FMD jurisdiction applies to all state buildings and land except those under the control and management of the State Armory Board, the Border Authority, the Cultural Affairs Department, the State Fair Commission, the Department of Game and Fish, the Department of Transportation, the Commissioner of Public Lands, the State Parks Division of the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, the state institutions of higher learning, regional education cooperatives, the New Mexico School for the Deaf, the New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, the judicial branch, the legislative branch, property acquired by the Economic Development Department pursuant to the Statewide Economic Development Finance Act [Chapter 6, Article 25 NMSA 1978} and property acquired by the public school facilities authority pursuant to the Public School Capital Outlay Act [ Chapter 22, Article 24 NMSA 1978].

Facilities Management Division of the General Services Department is responsible for the administration and daily operations of all Santa Fe executive state managed and operated buildings. It is our goal to provide a safe, comfortable, and functional working environment for the employees of our tenant agencies and visitors to our facilities. For customers seeking information on key building administration services, please review our services below:

FMD Office of the Director

Provides strategic planning, performance management, environmental safety and health management, quality assurance and integrated facility management services in support of the Division.

  • Services
    • Integrated Facility Management – FMD provides comprehensive asset life cycle management support to State Agencies residing in the State Capitol, Santa Fe, and statewide with policy and processes for facility management, with services, and with advice and guidance for future planning.


FMD Facilities Operations & Maintenance Bureau (Santa Fe only)

  • Custodial Services
    • Provides daily custodial services to 1.5 million square feet of State owned buildings, to include, but not limited to: restroom cleaning, trash pick-up, dusting, mopping, carpet care, glass cleaning, and other related functions, as well as periodic cleaning services, planned customer requests and emergency or special event cleaning.
  • Facilities Operations
    • Provides Campus Operations, Work Control Center and Safety & Security Operations including, but not limited to, building and system operations management to ensure that building and life safety systems are operating as designed and providing maximum usefulness in the most cost effective manner.
  • Maintenance Services
    • Provides building Repair/Replacement, Preventive Maintenance, Rapid Response, Small Project, and Grounds & Landscape Services including, but not limited to:  repair, replacement and preventive maintenance of building mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other related systems.
  •   Utilities Management
    • Provides Utilities Management of electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, refuse and recycling for buildings under the Division’s care including, but not limited to: estimating future budget needs, maintaining relationships with utility providers, identifying and gathering historical consumption and billing data for reporting purposes

FMD Capital Projects Bureau (Statewide)

  • Master Planning
    • In accordance with the Executive Order 2012-023 requiring state agencies to submit five-year Facilities Master Plans and providing for plan guidance, FMD conducts workshops for all state agencies and provides guidance on the preparation and approval of Agency Master Plans.
  • Project Management
    • Provides Project Management Services for new construction, renovations, major repairs and upgrades including furnishings and equipment. Management functions include all aspects of a capital project from initial planning, through all design phases, construction and warranty.
  • Architectural & Engineering
    • FMD architects and engineers provide professional guidance in the development of capital project outlay requests including generation of project scope and estimates of project costs. Architectural and engineering services include participation in design reviews and detailed evaluation of project drawings and specifications prior to release for bidding or proposing. FMD professional services will include facility condition assessments, system engineering support and setting priorities for repairs and renovations.

FMD Business Operations Bureau

  • Office Management
    • Provides administrative services related to the day to day operations of the organization in order to achieve the Division’s goals.  This section also provides support to the Facilities Operations and Maintenance Bureau and the Capital Projects Bureau.
  • Business Administration
    • Develops and tracks budgets for the operation of the Division, as well as for building operations and repair of Santa Fe state owned buildings, and for capital projects statewide.  FMD performs all financial management for professional services contracts and capital construction projects.

FMD Asset Management Bureau

FMD maintains up to date and accurate information on the location, quantity, operational status, deficiencies, and costs associated with personnel (space utilization), buildings, land, leased facilities, equipment, material, and other state assets. The information is used by FMD and State Agency customers to consistently control and value its assets and analyze for optimization of their use.

  • Leasing Management
    • The Leasing section works to assure state agencies requiring leased real estate facilities are accommodated timely and in a manner that provides optimum functional capability, meets all requirements for employee safety, health and general comfort and achieves the best possible value for taxpayers.  The Leasing section is generally guided by NMAC 1.5.21 which calls out both authority and process for lease procurement. Services to agencies include lease procurement, administration and enforcement using all available tools and resources of commercial real estate practice combined with all necessary statutory and regulatory requirements. Leasing management is responsible for approximately 380 leases covering 2.7 million square feet and $48 million of payable rent.
  • Real Property Management
    • Facilitates receivables, leasing documents and Space Assignment Understandings (SAU’s) between FMD and governmental agency or private tenants in State owned property. Real Property Management is also responsible for managing vendor applications, filming location agreements, maintaining records for real property and building inventory. The Real Property section maintains and manages all FMD owned real property, deeds, land and water rights. Real Property Management executes all procedures per statute for the acquisition and disposal of real property.


All State buildings and land are under the control of the Facilities Management Division with the exception of:

  • State Armory Board
  • Office of Cultural Affairs
  • State Fair Commission
  • Department of Game and Fish
  • State Highway and Transportation Department
  • Commissioner of Public Lands
  • State Parks Division of the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department
  • State Institutions of Higher Learning
  • The New Mexico School for the Deaf
  • The New Mexico School for the Visually Handicapped
  • The Judicial Branch
  • The Legislative Branch