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The Facilities Management Division (FMD) is responsible per Section 15-3B-4 NMSA 1978 for all property owned by the state (except property controlled by the state land office) and all property leased from private owners.  This responsibility includes regulating and controlling the use and occupancy in all 750 state owned and 400 leased spaces.

The New Mexico State Space Standards Committee recently completed its work to review the existing space standards document and to make recommendations to improve it.  This workgroup is comprised of FMD and multi-agency staff with agency leasing and real property oversight, and Architectural Research Consultants, Inc, and their facilities planners who coordinated and facilitated the committee’s work.  The committee’s work product is a new, easier-to-use space planning document that FMD has already begun to use.

FMD has developed a “Team Leasing” initiative comprised of several staff from other state agencies who are working in coordination with FMD: to assess the utilization of all leased space; evaluate all leased space per agency programmatic needs; provide recommendations for implementation of efficient and effective leased space utilization; and evaluate and/or negotiate to either reduce current leased space and leased space costs for the best possible price based upon the current market.  Team Leasing is also revising leases or creating new leasing documents, and is establishing internal written protocols to ensure compliance with the State Agencies Leasing Real Property, 1 NMAC 5.21, commonly referred to as the ‘Leasing Rule.’

All executive agencies must contact Team Leasing and provide a formal written request for any matter related to state owned and leased space.  All requests must be approved prior to moving forward on any state owned and leasing matter.  All requests will be evaluated in accordance with the new space use standards as referenced in this memorandum.  Only FMD and Team Leasing designated staff have the authority to negotiate on behalf of the state for the best possible leased price.

Please contact: Elizabeth Jeffries-Asset Management Bureau Chief _ 505-670-7423

For Leasing Matters, please contact Teresa Arias, Leasing Chief, 505-412-2001

For Real Property Matters, please contact Stella L. Chavez, 505-490-2313

Your cooperation in this effort will help ensure that state facility needs are met and in the most cost effective manner.

Facilities Management Team Leasing

Teresa Arias, Leasing Manager Teresa.Arias@gsd.nm.gov 505-412-2001
Monica Fresquez, Leasing Specialist Monica.Fresquez@gsd.nm.gov 505-469-7441
Bernadette Flores, Leasing Specialist Bernadette.Flores@gsd.nm.gov 505-500-6093

Facilities Management Real Property

Elizabeth Jeffries, Asset Management Bureau Chief Elizabeth.Jeffries@gsd.nm.gov
Stella L. Chavez, Real Property Manager Stella.Chavez@gsd.nm.gov
Compliance Officer, VACANT