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Instructions for Special Events Insurance

Please note:  We do not accept verbal requests for Certificates of Insurance.  If you are requesting Special Event Insurance and require a 3rd party insurance, submit the following information below via email to For any further questions, reach out to LPCB.

  1. Name of State Agency, Department and Bureau
  2. Event or Items being covered
  3. Dates/times
  4. Location (street address)
  5. Certificate Holder/Loss Payee information
  6. Type of coverage


Mexico State Vehicle Travel Certificate of Insurance

If you are using a NM State vehicle and traveling to Mexico, you will need a separate certificate of insurance for each vehicle.  Please use the following steps:

1. Contact James Chavez to obtain a waiver for travel to Mexico (505) 660-5562
2. Send waiver & the following info to Risk Management Division, Loss Prevention and Control Bureau via email at
– Vehicle make, model, year, and VIN number.
– Destination location, dates of travel, name of the department or bureau, and traveling contact person name.
– Phone and fax numbers coordinating the travel.

Medical Verification (malpractice insurance)

Requests regarding verification of Malpractice Insurance & claims history, reach out to

UNMH: The UNM/HSC Clinical Affairs can only generate responses for the medical professionals who are/were credentialed with the institution.  If the individual you are requesting verification for is regarding a residency, internship or fellowship. You may need to contact UNM Graduate Medical Education at 505-272-6225/FAX 505-272-6581

Miners’ Colfax Medical Center: Requests can be submitted to Lonnie Medina:

Loss Control Coordinator, 575-445-7790 or email to:

NMDOH: Requests can be submitted to Trevor Edwards, Loss Control Coordinator:

via email or faxed to 505-827-2246.


Additional or Third Party Insured

RMD does not have statutory authority to insure third parties.  We believe our authority is limited to insuring those public entities and employees who are eligible to participate in the risk pool and are participating.