State of New Mexico

Timothy Loyd Timothy.Loyd@equifax.com Phone: (720) 484-4846 Account Executive – Equifax Mr. Loyd is responsible for the overall management of your unemployment insurance account including the internal auditing of your account and the reporting of your unemployment claims activity. Your Account Executive should be contacted regarding any technical questions, problems or concerns involving your account relative to unemployment taxes, assessments or mergers and acquisitions.   Susan Coffin Susan.Coffin@equifax.com Claims Specialist Susan is your contact for all claims processing questions. Susan is responsible for securing separation information regarding an unemployment claim filing, and should be contacted immediately in the event you receive an unemployment claim.
  What is Employers Unity and what is their involvement? The state has contracted with Employers Unity, LLC to manage the unemployment program for the state.  The claims will be directed to Employers Unity and they will contact you in regard the reason for separation.  They will protest the claim and monitor charges.  If the claim proceeds to an un-employment hearing Employers Unity will represent you at the hearing.  
  • Why do Un-Employment Claims not come to our state agency offices?
The state has contracted with Employers Unity LLC to manage the unemployment program for the state.  The claims will be directed to Employers Unity and they will contact you in regard the reason for separation. They will protest the claim and monitor charges.  If the claim proceeds to an un-employment hearing, Employers Unity will represent you at the hearing.  They will only need the first hand witness to participate.  The logistics of this will be detailed in a pre-hearing conference in preparation for the hearing.  
  • How are Employers Unity’s Hearing Representatives assigned to Un-Employment Claims?
Claims are assigned based on availability, severity, timing and type of separation.  
  • What is the purpose of the program? Who can file?
To provide subsistence to those who are Involuntarily unemployed through No Fault of their own. Anyone can file. The unemployment division will decide if someone is eligible based on information given by the claimant and the employer.  
  • Why am I getting called on claims for someone that worked for us over a year ago?
The employers that are potentially charged on an unemployment insurance claim are the employers that paid wages to the past employee during the first 4 of the 5 previous full calendar quarters. Look at when the claim is filed to determine if your wages fall into the chargeability period (base period).  
  • How many weeks is an employee eligible to draw benefits?
A claimant is eligible to draw benefits for up to 26 weeks.  This may be extended due to emergencies or levels of high unemployment.  
  • Who do you notify if you have concerns or information on the claimant’s eligibility when you are communicated with on a claim?
If you are aware of an employee that has filed for employment that has returned to work with you or any organization, please notify your claims specialist at Employers Unity.  Also, if you know of an employee that is unable to work or search for work due to any circumstances, please also contact Employers Unity. In these cases the employee should not be eligible to draw benefits.  
  • Who are our contacts at Employers Unity, LLC.
Claim Specialist –the person who will collect the data and provide initial information to the state— Samantha Aumiller, Claim Specialist, Employers Unity / 720-484-4828  /  saumiller@employersunity.com   Account Manager—the person that monitors the contract with the state, meet regularly with state administrators and provides educational training upon request – Robert Nellans, COO, Employers Unity /  877-604-6162  /  rnellans@employersunity.com
  • Does Employers Unity have the current contact information for your agency?
If you are a new contact for the unemployment claims at your agency, please be sure to notify Employers Unity LLC.   This information will be necessary to streamline the information request timeline.  Employers Unity LLC will need your name, phone, email, and address along with your agency name.  Thank you for making this a priority.  
  • Information Needed Upfront On Initial Protest
As of October 2013, the Federal Integrity Act could be excluding the employer from being a party to the claim if their initial protest is generic or lacking enough detail and could impose fines on the claims administrator. The Agency is then charged for benefits no matter what information we have and did not present.  This could be up to $7,384 on any one claim plus the penalty imposed.   Employers Unity needs ALL details of incident for our initial protest   If Discharge- -Copies of relevant warnings -Copies of detailed separation documents -Any exhibits that pertain to separation (handbook policies, witness statements, audio/visual, etc.,) If Voluntary Quit- -Copies of resignation letter/email -Separation notice if signed or refused to sign –in lieu of resignation letter, -Witness statements from person/s that heard the person quit if nothing in writing