Bataan Memorial

The building is named in memory of those who served in the 200th Coast Artillery (regiment) of the New Mexico National Guard during World War II. In April 1942, the regiment members, other U.S. soldiers and Filipino troops fought a courageous but losing battle in the Philippines. The story of the regiment reached its climax with the horrors and atrocities of the 65-mile “Death March” from Mariveles to San Fernando. This infamous march was followed by 40 months in prisoner of war camps. Of the 1,800 men in the regiment, fewer than 900 made it home. A third of those who returned died within a year from various complications.

The building served as the state Capitol from 1900 to 1966. In the mid-1950s, it underwent a major renovation, which changed the appearance of the building to Territorial style. The building underwent another major renovation in the 1970s, which modified the interior.


Green Energy Project Schedule

Task Name Start Finish
ECM-1 Lighting Tue 8/6/19 Wed 10/28/20
ECM-2, HVAC & Controls , Replace Chiller/CT VFDs Mon 11/18/19 Wed 1/1/20
ECM-2 HVAC & Controls, Replace HX Mon 11/18/19 Wed 1/1/20
ECM-2, HVAC & Controls – SC Mon 1/27/20 Wed 10/28/20
ECM-3, Building Envelope Mon 4/27/20 Tue 4/28/20
ECM-3 Building Envelope, Window Film Tue 8/6/19 Tue 8/20/19
ECM-4, Water Conservation Mon 3/23/20 Wed 3/25/20
ECM-5, Transformers – 1 Tue 7/30/19 Tue 7/30/19


Anticipated Annual Energy Savings: $42,690

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Bataan Memorial Building

Bataan Memorial
Address: 300 Galisteo St.
Square Footage: 131,535
Year Built: 1900
With additions in the 1950s