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West Complex

 Betty Fiorina State Printing

Address: 2641 Siringo Road
Square Footage: 23,052
Year Built: 1991

Betty Fiorina State Printing
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Building Information:

This unique building serves New Mexico's State Printing Office. State Printing & Graphic Services offers graphic design, printing, and bindery services for state agencies. Many important State documents are printed at this location.  The building was named for Betty Fiorina in 2007.  Ms. Fiorina was the first person to ever serve as New Mexico Secretary of State for three terms (1959-1960, 1961-1962 and 1970-1974).  She also served in several administrative positions with New Mexico Executive and Legislative agencies since the early 1940s.

 Motor Vehicle Division Field Office

Address:  2546 Camino Entrada
Square Footage: 14,350
Year Built: 2010
 MVD Building  MVD Statue

"La Bajada"  Gino Miles,Artist
Fabricated aluminum,spanning 25’

Customer Agencies:
About Arthur T. Hannett:
After serving as a member of the State Highway Commission from 1923 to 1924, Arthur T. Hannett was elected as the seventh Governor of New Mexico, serving in that office from 1925 to 1927. Subsequently, he lost his bid to a second term as Governor and blamed the politicians of Santa Fe for not supporting him in reclaiming his seat. Retaliating against those politicians, Hannett decided to change the path that U.S. Route 66 took and re-route it from Santa Rosa directly to Albuquerque. This new alignment would bypass the city of Santa Fe, its businesses and most importantly its politicians. When the new road was completed it was widely lauded as providing shorter and safer travel between Chicago and points west. These steps had great impact on New Mexico, and opened up the West to better commerce and travel from the industrial powerhouse cities to the east. It is ironic that the re-routing of U.S. Route 66 did not hurt Santa Fe, but that Santa Fe survived and indeed thrived.

About the Artist  (Metal Sculpture, "La Bajada")  ):

Although Gino Miles received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Northern Colorado, he spent ten of his college years studying abroad outside Florence, Italy, also attending classes at the università per stranieri di Perugia and the accademia delle belle arti in Florence. The abundant Italian sculpture, architecture, paintings, food, and culture heavily influenced his life and his art--both during this time and ever since. In 1983, Miles returned to the United States with his wife, settling in Santa Fe. Gino revels in the beautiful, wide open and unique terrain of New Mexico, where he continues sculpting, fabricating, and casting works inspired by what he sees every day. Miles’ work embodies his passion and energy inspired from classical figures as well as objects found in nature, transforming them into contemporary statements. He produces work that is conceived in a timeless attention to form and negative space. 
Gino Miles’ sculpture is an abstract representation of the earliest La Bajada Road incorporating the up and down hairpin turns of this famous stretch of old dirt road, which was the original Route 66 connecting Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The sculpture is also reminiscent of the everyday journey we all must make, whether it is cross country trip or just a drive around the corner to buy groceries. This work synthesizes the past and the present of New Mexico, connecting all of its people to the culture that built this great state. (Funded by the Art in Public Places Program, New Mexico Arts, Department of Cultural Affairs).

 Dr. Timothy F. Fleming Building

Address: 2500 Cerrillos Road
Square Footage: 16,284
Year Built:1940
Dr. Timothy F. Fleming Building
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Building Information:
Originally the building served as the Army Reserve Building and referred to as T-186, until 1997 when the property was purchased as part of the planning process to create the West Complex. In 2002, the building was named for Dr. Timothy F. Fleming. Due to a rare malignancy that was first diagnosed when he was 22, Dr. Fleming passed away in 1999. Graduating with his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1978, Dr. Fleming joined the US Public Health Service and was assigned to an isolated clinic serving the Hualapai and Havasuapi Indian Nations in Arizona. Over the next ten years he also cared for and befriended people from various pueblos and tribes in New Mexico and Oregon. From his experiences with these spiritual people, Dr. Fleming began to approach life's challenges with a greater sense of insight and commitment. 
"Each step of the way it is evident that I gained far more from Indian people than I could ever have repaid them in healthcare services." -- Dr. Fleming

 Garrey Carruthers Building

Address: 1209 Camino Carlos Rey
Square Footage: 138,775
Year Built: 1998
Records Warehouse
Square Footage: 24,900
Year Built: 1998
Carruthers Building

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Building Information:

This beautiful building is named after Garrey Carruthers, Governor of New Mexico from 1987-1999. Governor Carruthers grew up in Aztec, New Mexico. He received his bachelor's degree in agriculture in 1964 and a Master's Degree in Agricultural Economics in 1965 from New Mexico State University. After receiving a doctorate in economics in 1968 from Iowa State University, he returned to New Mexico State University to teach agricultural economics and agricultural business. He was a White House Fellow from 1974 to 1975; acting director of the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute from 1975 to 1978; and a state chair of the Republican Party of New Mexico from 1977 to 1979. From 1981 to 1984, he served in two administrative positions at the U.S. Department of the Interior. He was elected Governor in 1986, served as chair of the Border Governors' Commission and of the Education Commission of the States.

The building houses the New Mexico State Library and the State Records Center and Archives, and serves to store important records regarding New Mexico's rich history. The Archives vault is constructed to maintain specific temperature and humidity levels. This climate control system protects invaluable documents dating to the late 1500's.


Address: 2542 Cerrillos Rd.
Square Footage: 21,689
Year Built: 1980 

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Building Information:
T-187 refers to the numbering system used by the National Guard, during the time they occupied the complex. The General Services Department (GSD), Building Services Division moved into the building in June of 2009, making the building its new Headquarters.  In 2011, the GSD Transportation Services Division/Central Fleet Authority moved their operations to T-187, joining their  sister Division. 

 Surplus Property

Address: 1990 Siringo Road
Square Footage: 20,000
Year Built: 1980
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Building Information:

Surplus Property, a Bureau of the Transportation Services Division of the General Services Department, provides redistribution of excess property for both state and federal surplus property to eligible donees.

 Toney Anaya Building

Address: 2550 Cerrillos Road
Square Footage: Building: 97,347
Parking Structure: 30,108
Year Built: 2004
Toney Anaya Building Toney Anaya Building Toney Anaya Building

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Building Information:

This is the one of the newer buildings maintained by the Building Services Division. The building incorporates open office concepts into the design of the interior space and provides an underground parking area along with a water catchment system to help reduce water use at the building.
The building has been dedicated to Toney Anaya, past Governor and Attorney General. Governor Anaya, was born in Moriarity, NM on April 29, 1941. After attending public school in Moriarity and a brief stint at New Mexico Highlands University in the late 1950's, Anaya transferred to Washington D.C., where he graduated from Georgetown University in 1963 with a B.A. in Economics/Political Science. He received his J.D. from Washington College of Law, American University, Washington D.C. in 1967.

Anaya demonstrated an early interest in and attraction to national politics. He worked as a clerical assistant to U.S. Senator Dennis Chavez in 1959, held federal jobs while in school in Washington D.C., and was Legislative Counsel to U.S. Senator Joseph M. Montoya from 1966-69.  As Attorney General, 1975-1978, Anaya established his reputation for being fearless and tenacious. He concentrated his efforts on issues like consumer education, consumer protection, and legislative campaign reform. As Governor (1983-1986), his agenda was based on the premise that government should provide services that individuals cannot provide for themselves. Anaya pursued his program as Governor energetically, regardless of the consequences. He took a strong controversial stand opposing the death penalty; declared New Mexico a sanctuary for political refugees as a response to the turmoil in Central America in the mid-1980's; and was vehemently opposed.

 Willie Ortiz Building

Address: 2600 Cerrillos Road
Square Footage: 42,157
Year Built: 1940
Willie Ortiz Building Willie Ortiz Building  

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Building Information:
Named for Willie Ortiz, who died in 2001.  Mr. Ortiz was a native of Chimayo,  a graduate of the College of Santa Fe, a Republican activist, State Personnel Board member, State Highway Commissioner and owner of LaTertulia restaurant, a longtime Santa Fe landmark which closed in 1999.

The building's auditorium is home to the State Personnel Board and is named for Mr. Leo Griego who died in 2001 and was a former State Personnel Director (1979-1984). Griego also held positions as Executive Secretary of the PERA, Director of the General Services Department's Risk Management Division, Director of Administrative Services at the New Mexico Land Office and held positions with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. The building served many years as the Headquarters for the New Mexico National Guard. In 1997 the State of New Mexico acquired the building and began a major renovation for the State Personnel Office.