July 27, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Lunch & Learn Online Training
Online (Virtual)

Target Audience: This webinar is for volunteer mediators of the ADR Bureau.  There is no cost to attend.

Workplace disputes are particularly relational in nature.  Mediation in these disputes requires advanced relational skills.  This presentation will explore the characteristics of workplace disputes and the skills and techniques necessary to meet the challenges of workplace disputes in mediation.

 For example, a common workplace conflict pattern includes:

  • A misunderstanding that triggers a conflict;
  • As a result, people withdraw into their own inner worlds, assume the worst about each other, and build a set of self-generating faulty assumptions, which creates a;
  • Hostile, polarized, dysfunctional, and stagnate workplace environment;
  • Resulting in a self-perpetuating cycle of escalation.
Workplace mediations are saturated with issues of emotion, personality, relationship, interaction, reputation, self-esteem, livelihood, career, and more – all in the context of a heated interpersonal conflict.

This presentation will offer participants lessons, learned the hard way, from mediating workplace disputes.

David Levin graduated from UNM School of Law in 1977 and has been a trained mediator since 1987.  David began his legal career as a civil litigator and a general practitioner, later becoming a Board Recognized Specialist in Family Law and establishing a general private mediation practice.  David helped pioneer attorney/psychologist co-mediation services in New Mexico, co-founding Sandia Mediation and Family Mediation, Ltd.  David has served as a court administrator of local and statewide alternative methods of dispute resolution programs, and has taught basic, family, small claims, workplace, and advanced mediation, as well as settlement facilitation.  David is currently practicing mediation and providing mediation training and education.