Mediator, Give to Yourself @ Online
Sep 22 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Target Audience: This is an INTERACTIVE, online training for mediators who volunteer for the ADR Bureau; to participate most effectively, you will need strong Wi-Fi with a working camera and microphone on your computer. Attendees must be able to attend the full 3-hour training. Attendance is limited.

Join with your community of mediators as we focus on self-care. As mediators, we have learned to trust a set of values, attitudes and skills as we work to empower others. We strive to provide the opportunity for those in our sessions to make new choices to improve their life experience. And yet perhaps too often, and especially in these challenging times, we may find it easier to give this to others than to give to ourselves.
In this session we will:
— Reflect on the relationship between the values, attitudes and skills that we appreciate as mediators and their application in our own lives
— Share new ideas and techniques for taking care of ourselves

Facilitator: Cynthia Olson is the owner and principal trainer for Cynthia Olson & Associates, LLC. An internationally recognized leader and innovator in the field of mediation, interpersonal communication and dispute resolution systems, she also has had a significant impact on the development of mediation in New Mexico. As Director of The Albuquerque Mediation Center, she initiated many projects including the Metropolitan Court Mediation Program. More recently, she has assisted various organizations design and implement in-house mediation programs, including the State of New Mexico’s Office of Dispute Prevention and Resolution. Cynthia is a Commissioner on the NM Supreme Court Statewide ADR Commission and an adjunct for the UNM Law School.

What? Wasn’t me! Confronting Lack of Accountability & Sensitive Conversations @ online
Sep 23 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Target Audience: This is an INTERACTIVE,  online training for all state employees who are new to ADR; to participate most effectively, you will need strong Wi-Fi with a working camera and microphone on your computer.  Attendees must be able to attend the full 3-hour training.  Attendance is limited.

Have you encountered someone who refuses to take responsibility for their actions?  How about that coworker who lets everyone else do the work, but takes their share of the credit?  Do you avoid confrontation, especially when it is a sensitive topic?  Join us for this online training to learn some tips and develop skills that address tough conversations people avoid because they aren’t sure how to approach sensitive and awkward situations.

Facilitator: Teresa D. Burgin is the owner of Constructive Consultants NM in Las Cruces, NM.  She is a certified mediator for the State of New Mexico Alternative Dispute Resolution program, New Mexico Magistrate court, and the Children’s Court Mediation Program.  Prior to her retirement July 1, 2021, she held the position of Director at New Mexico State University Center for Learning & Professional Development.  She obtained both Bachelor of Science in Education, and Master of Information Science degrees from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.  As a mediator, teacher, trainer and group facilitator, Ms. Burgin has presented on topics related to organizations and global culture, management and leadership, communication styles, working with challenging people, time management, customer service, conflict resolution, team building, preventing harassment, diversity, equity and inclusion, accountability, and ethics.  Ms. Burgin has served in various organizations as mediator, psychiatric services group facilitator, domestic violence interventionist, and child advocacy since 1980.  She believes that effective communication and listening skills are achievable and all humans deserve the opportunity to practice them while working toward a peaceful existence.