September 13, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Online Training
Online (Virtual)

Target Audience: This training is for all New Mexico State Employees.  There is no cost to attend.  Please email us at ADR.Bureau@state.nm.us for information on how to register.

Transgender people today are more visible and represented throughout our communities than ever.  As such, organizations and individuals are finding the need to increase their knowledge and understanding of issues that affect their transgender colleagues, employees, friends, and family members. Despite gains in visibility and acceptance, transgender people continue to face enormous challenges in everyday life—from poverty, unemployment, lack of access to health care and secure housing, to horrific violence and discrimination. Our Transgender Cultural Fluency Training lays the foundation for participants to gain a better understanding of what it means to be transgender, clarify common misconceptions about transgender people, become familiar with the challenges transgender communities face, and learn ways to be a strong and engaged advocate for transgender people.

Stacy Fatemi (they/them) is the first Education & Outreach Program Manager for the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico.  After coming out as trans at the age of 17, they began casually educating others to address a gap in gender knowledge that affected their everyday life.  Now, at age 25, they do transgender cultural fluency trainings and workshops for organizations all around the country, with an added focus on nonbinary people and the issues they face.  Before becoming part of the Center, Stacy worked with the Health Equity Alliance for LGBTQ+ New Mexicans as a presenter, writer, and editor for the New Mexico GSA Digital Curriculum, as well as under the moniker transeducation.net for trans-related trainings.  When not at work, Stacy can be found making metal, punk, and ambient music with their longtime friend, the 6-string bass guitar.

The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico is the only agency in the state that exists solely to serve transgender people and our families and loved ones.  We are one of very few organizations in the United States that provides a wide array of direct services, in addition to leading statewide education and advocacy efforts.  Founded in 2008, TGRCNM has provided more than 3,000 Transgender Cultural Fluency Trainings throughout New Mexico, including multiple UNM campuses, Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless, Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico, Planned Parenthood, Barrett House, Crossroads for Women, New Mexico Physicians Assistant Association, the Farmington Police Department and many more varied audiences.  We have assisted in crafting local and state policy and have provided individual advocacy for many transgender people in our state.  Our direct services support some of the most impacted folks in our communities through food, bus passes, healthcare, free HIV testing, clothing, support groups, legal navigation, job search help, a safe restroom, a computer lab, emergency financial assistance, and much more.