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Additional or Third Party Insured

RMD does not have statutory authority to insure third parties.  We believe our authority is limited to insuring those public entities and employees who are eligible to participate in the risk pool and are participating.



Instructions for Certificate of Insurance

Please note:  We do not accept verbal requests for Certificates of Insurance.  Therefore, the following information must be submitted Via Email to, in order to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance/or if you are having a special event and require 3rd party insurance, utilize *K&K insurance* (info below)


1.   Name of State Agency, Department and Bureau

2.   Event or Items being covered

3.   Dates/times

4.   Location (street address)

5.   Certificate Holder/Loss Payee information

6.   Type of coverage


Additional: What is * K&K Insurance*

The K&K Program provides low cost general liability insurance to “third party” users of various State venues and facilities for events. It protects both the user and the State against claims by guests who may be injured as a result of attending an event.  Events may range from seminars, receptions and weddings, to sporting events and concerts. Your premium quote is based upon the risk associated with the given event or activity, the number of days coverage is needed, the number of attendees and if there are any special requirements, such as alcohol liability, food service, etc. K&K Web Link


Mexico State Vehicle Travel Certificate of Insurance

If you are using a NM State vehicle and traveling to Mexico, you will need a certificate of insurance.  Please use the following steps:

1. Contact James Chavez, Deputy Director, GSD/TSD to obtain a Waiver for travel to Mexico (505) 660-5562
2. Send waiver & the following info to AON Via email to Kimberlee Brazell  (505) 889-6722
Vehicle make, model, year, and VIN number
Destination Location and dates of travel Name of the Department or bureau traveling Contact person name.
Phone and FAX numbers coordinating the travel Each vehicle needs a separate certificate.


Medical Verification (malpractice insurance)

For requests regarding verification of Malpractice Insurance & claims history, you need to determine which agency the medical professional was associated with while insured with the Risk Management. Risk Management does not track their work locations. Therefore, the agency should be notified first.


UNMH: The UNM/HSC Clinical Affairs can only generate responses for the medical professionals who are/were credentialed with the institution.  If the individual you are requesting verification for is regarding a residency, internship or fellowship. You may need to contact UNM Graduate Medical Education at 505-272-6225/FAX 505-272-6581


Miners’ Colfax Medical Center: all requests can be submitted to Peggy Martinez:

Loss Control Coordinator,


NMDOH: all requests can be request can be submitted to William Catanach, Loss Control Coordinator

via email or faxed to 505-827-2246.


The Risk Rate premiums are calculated based on a combination of several factors to include agency/university experience and exposures pursuant to the Risk Management Premium Rating Rule for Certain Risks-1.6.2.  The experience premium is driven by losses for 5 prior fiscal years. The experience data is generated from the Risk Management Information System (RMIS) and is claims driven for both Workers’ Compensation and Property & Casualty claims. The exposure data is compiled from the yearly exposure survey which is sent out in the early spring to each of our insured entities.  The exposure data is comprised of payroll, equipment, FTE’s, hospital beds, buildings, contents, etc.  The importance of having current and up to date data cannot be emphasized enough as this affords the actuary the ability to assess the most accurate premium as correlated to the exposure or insurable losses that exist.


As the premium rule currently reads the exposure percentage is as follows:


Workers Compensation-                  10% exposure, 90% experience

General Liability-                              30% exposure, 70% experience

Law Enforcement-                            30% exposure, 70% experience

Medical Malpractice-                        30% exposure, 70% experience

Civil Rights-                                      30% exposure, 70% experience

Auto Liability-                                    30% exposure, 70% experience



*These types of coverage’s are weighted more heavily to the claims experience as opposed to the exposure as they are driven by the liability of the insured and typically involve a third party or involves on the job accidents (workers’ compensation)



Auto Physical Damage-                    70% exposure, 30% experience

Blanket Property-                              70% exposure, 30% experience

Fine Arts-                                          70% exposure, 30% experience

Boiler & Machinery-                          70% exposure, 30% experience



*These types of coverage’s are weighted more heavily to exposures due to the fact that losses resulting from these coverage’s are first party (our insured) in nature and thus impacts the premium for exposures more significantly than the actual claims experience*