February 17, 2021 all-day
We know that parties arrive to a mediation with both positions and also underlying issues and interests.  It is often the case that reaching a resolution requires skillful uncovering of these deeper elements by the mediator.  This workshop will address the need for non-reactive presence, deep listening and explore different ways to artfully provide the opportunity for parties to reveal what is important to them: The Heart of the Matter.

This online workshop is open to you if you:
•	have completed a 40-hour Beginning Mediation training 
•	are registered as a volunteer mediator with the ADR Bureau AND
•	can attend the full 2-hour workshop with the required technology


Cynthia Olson is a leader and innovator in the field of mediation and dispute resolution and an internationally recognized instructor. As Director of the Albuquerque Mediation Center, she developed many projects including the Metropolitan Court Mediation Program and the Forest Service’s SW Region pilot mediation program. Cynthia Olson & Associates, LLC, a consulting firm, focuses on teaching, creating in-house conflict management systems, facilitating large-group processes and coaching in third party skills and effective communication.

Robert Rambo grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and received basic mediation training through the Friends Conflict Resolution Program in 1989. He was trained in family mediation at the Mediation Program at the Good Shepard Neighborhood House in 1990. Robert moved to Albuquerque and in 1996 began mediating at Metro Court. In 2003, he was hired as the mediator for the New Mexico Court of Appeals and mediated well over a thousand cases until he retired in 2017. The New Mexico Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission recognized Robert in 2015, as Mediator of the Year. Robert is currently semi-retired but remains active in the mediation community and continues to mediate on a part-time basis.