September 28, 2023 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Las Cruces (NMSU)

Intended audience: This interactive, in-person training is for all state employees. For questions about this training or for information on how to register, please contact us at ADR.Bureau@gsd.nm.gov.

Empathetic listening uses a combination of active listening skills that includes listening to reflect feelings and validate emotions, refraining from interrupting and asking questions that encourage the speaker to go beyond the surface. Empathetic listening does not mean needing to agree with the speaker, share your similar experience or offer advice. Listening with empathy allows us to step inside the speaker’s story to try and understand the other person’s emotional experience.

Join us for this interactive, online training to:

  • strengthen your ability to empathize with others, especially with those who hold different views than you do, and
  • practice your active listening skills of questioning, summarizing and paraphrasing to collect more information, clarify what you are hearing and confirm your understanding.

Facilitated by Teresa D. Burgin:
Teresa is the owner of Constructive Consultants NM in Las Cruces, NM. She specializes in mediation, training, and facilitation services for government, medical, judicial, and higher education industries. Ms. Burgin is a certified mediator for the NM Alternative Dispute Resolution Bureau, Magistrate Court, and Children’s Court Mediation programs.

Prior to her retirement from New Mexico State University July 2021, she held the position of Human Resources Director for the Center for Learning & Professional Development. Her career of service expands over 35 years in multiple roles and organizations as a mediator, teacher, trainer, and group facilitator.

Ms. Burgin presents on topics related to organizations and global culture, management and leadership, communication skills, working with challenging people, time management, customer service, conflict resolution, team building, preventing harassment, diversity, equity and inclusion, accountability, and ethics.

She believes that all can achieve effective communication and listening skills with practice, practice, practice. With a “you got this” attitude, she knows that together, we can build a more peaceful existence.