Amendment Submission

Small Purchase/Sole Source/RFP/Price Agreement — Remember to attach corresponding document.

Amendment Submission Checklist

*NOTE: CRB DOES NOT require that the Contract Checklist be delivered with the contract packet. The sole purpose of the checklist is to assist agencies with proper contract submission. Only provide all that is applicable to contract type.

  1. Contract brief in front of packet (with signature of Cabinet Secretary, Agency Head or Designee)
  2. E brief (unsigned copy) – attach to SHARE Contract Module in MS Word Format
  3. Signed original contract and subsequent signed amendments– attach to SHARE Contract Module
  4. Electronic copy of Purchase Order with CRB origin and all agency level approvals complete (if SPA used, must have SPA number in the description)
  5. DFA Budget approval for PSC from your assigned budget analyst at State Budget Division
  6. Contract Amendment with acceptable signatures – no generic signature font
  7. Original Sole Source Request and Determination form (if applicable)
    • Copy of 30 day posting on State Purchasing website – (submit with Sole Source packet)
    • Confirmation of 30 day posting email from State Purchasing (submit with Sole Source packet)
  8. Agency Certification Form if previous form is older than 90 days (must be a DFA authorized signature)
    • Affidavit of Former Employee (if applicable) signed and notarized
    • NM Attorney General memo (if applicable?) (ONLY if original was not reviewed by AG) – attach to SHARE Contract Module
  9. PERA memo (if applicable) if former employee retired from State government – attach to SHARE Contract Module
  10. Copy of first page of Statewide Price Agreement and page stating amount allowed, hourly rate and/or tasks (IT) and ensure it has not expired – attach to SHARE Contract Module
  11. RFP, provide the following pages if applicable – attach all below to SHARE Contract Module
    • Cover page
    • Table of contents
    • Scope of Work
    • Sequence of events (chart only)
    • Proposal offer firm/term limitations/compensation limitations