2020 NM ADR Symposium

Important Information for Attendees


Welcome to the 10th Annual

New Mexico ADR Symposium!


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

~Jonathan Swift

Greetings, Friends of the State ADR Program –

Welcome the to 2020 Symposium! For all of us, 2020 has presented many challenges and some unique and exciting opportunities. For the ADR Bureau, this time has inspired us to look at our work in new and creative ways, and we have so much to share with you. This year, the Symposium will be a ten-day learning event in October, the month in which ADR is celebrated around the world! Our event reflects the commitment and hard work of many people in our state ADR community of practice and we are excited to see you again and hear about your experiences.

This annual event began as a celebration of the many people who make our work possible, and now, more than ever, we thank you for your continued support and participation! We especially want to acknowledge our many dedicated volunteer mediators and the ADR Coordinators within our customer agencies who work closely with us to assist and support state government and the people we serve.

Thank you for being here – we hope you have a wonderful time!

Mary Jo Lujan    April McClellan    Stefanie Ortega

State of New Mexico Alternative Dispute Resolution Bureau


Scheduling and Registration Information


LOCATION INFORMATION: Everywhere – online via Zoom!


SESSIONS: The ADR Symposium is presented at no cost to invited participants. This year’s online Symposium features a new scheduling and registration process:

  1. Closely review the agenda and descriptions to determine which sessions you wish to attend.
  2. Each session is an individual event and has its own pre-registration link through Eventbrite with details on each session and presenter. (If presenters wish to share instructional material with attendees, they may do so before, during or after the session.)
  3. Before the session date, you will receive an email from the ADR Bureau, asking you to CONFIRM your registration on Zoom. Please confirm as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours from receipt of the email to receive the Zoom invitation link. Please do not share that link with others. Attendance is limited and security is our utmost concern. Please familiarize yourself with joining a Zoom meeting prior to the date of the presentation at Zoom.us.
  4. On event day, check-in to your selected session on time to avoid delays and disruptions.
  5. Please remember to mute your microphones upon joining the session and silence (or turn off) all telephones and other electronic devices.
  6. We understand that unanticipated scheduling conflicts may arise for participants; please be mindful that arriving late or leaving early is disruptive to the presenter and the flow of the session. Out of respect for everyone’s time, if you are unable to fully participate, please let us know at ADR.Bureau@state.nm.us so we may cancel your registration and allow someone else to attend.
  7. As always, please report any concerns or issues to the ADR Team.
  8. Schedule is subject to change.  Agenda last updated 9/17/2020.


ACCESSIBILITY: The Symposium is accessible to people with all abilities. If you need assistance and/or auxiliary aids, please contact the ADR Bureau immediately at ADR.Bureau@state.nm.us.


EVALUATIONS/CERTIFICATES: All presenters are highly-regarded subject-matter-experts in their chosen professions and valued Alternative Dispute Resolution program partners. They are sharing their time and expertise and have worked hard to compose presentations and materials for our benefit – please let them know how well they did! The Evaluation Survey will be e-mailed to all participants following the Symposium. Please provide feedback on the event and on individual presentations – we appreciate your thoughts, compliments and suggestions for improvement. Upon completion and return of the Evaluation Survey to the ADR Bureau, a Certificate of Attendance will be e-mailed to you.


Thank you to all the presenters, participants,

individuals and organizations who

assisted in making this event possible.

Our gratitude to the Risk Management Division for providing

a platform for this Symposium and to the GSD Technology &

Systems Support Bureau for excellent technical assistance.

In Memory of Mary Judy Roybal,

dedicated ADR Symposium volunteer, respected colleague and beloved friend.

January 15, 1955 – December 31, 2019

Mary Judy Roybal