John F Simms Jr.

The building is named for John Field Simms Jr., born in 1916 in Albuquerque. He was a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives from 1947-1949. Simms was elected governor of New Mexico in 1954 at the age of 38. He was, at that time, the youngest person to be elected governor. He died in 1975.

The Simms Building serves as the headquarter for the Information Technology Department. Of the buildings maintained by the Facilities Management Division, it has the most extensive systems for back-up power and cooling supply.

Green Energy Project Schedule

Task Name Start Finish
ECM-1 Lighting Mon 10/19/20 Fri 10/30/20
ECM-2 HVAC & Controls, Controls Mon 2/3/20 Mon 11/2/20
ECM-2 HVAC & Controls, Add VFD’s to pumps Tue 2/4/20 Thu 2/6/20
ECM-2 HVAC & Controls, Add VFD on Chillers, re-pipe CTs Mon 4/6/20 Wed 4/29/20
ECM-3 Building Envelope, Mon 4/27/20 Tue 5/5/20
ECM-4, Water Conservation Wed 4/15/20 Wed 4/15/20
ECM-5,T ransformers – 2 Sat 3/28/20 Sat 3/28/20
ECM-7, Simms Data Center Upgrades Mon 3/9/20 Fri 5/28/21


Anticipated Annual Energy Savings: $130,327

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John F Simms Jr. Building

John F Simms Jr.
Address: 715 Alta Vista St.
Square Footage: 71,425
Built in: 1976