Concha Ortiz y Pino

The state of New Mexico purchased this building from the National Education Association in 2003. Concha Ortiz y Pino was born in 1910 in Galisteo. Her formal education began at Loretto Academy and continued at the University of New Mexico and George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

In the 1930s, Ortiz y Pino began working to revive New Mexican folklore, arts and crafts, both to renew public interest and provide artisans with the possibility of earning money. Ortiz y Pino was elected to the state Legislature in 1937 and served until 1942. She was the first woman to become a majority whip in the Legislature. She advocated for bilingual education for children and better relations with Mexico.

Ortiz y Pino married Victor Kleven in 1943 and ran the family ranch in Agua Verde for several years. She remained active in political and civic affairs after leaving the Legislature and died in 2006.

Green Energy Project Schedule

Task Name Start Finish
ECM-1 Lighting Thu 7/16/20 Thu 7/16/20
ECM-2 HVAC & Controls, Controls Mon 11/11/19 Mon 10/12/20
ECM-2 HVAC & Controls, – Boiler Replacement, pumps Mon 9/9/19 Tue 10/15/19
ECM-2 HVAC & Controls, – Fan Arrays Mon 11/16/20 Fri 2/12/21
ECM-3 Building Envelope, Window Film Tue 7/30/19 Mon 8/5/19
ECM-3 Building Envelope Mon 4/27/20 Fri 5/1/20
ECM-4, Water Conservation Thu 3/19/20 Thu 3/19/20
ECM-6 PV Solar System, S Parking RM 4.7 kWdc Thu 6/25/20 Thu 7/9/20
ECM-6 PV Solar System, RM 80.6 kWdc Thu 7/23/20 Mon 8/24/20


Anticipated Annual Energy Savings: $15,914

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Concha Ortiz y Pino Buildings

Concha Ortiz y Pino

Address: 130 S. Capital St.
Square Footage: 31,843
Year Acquired: 2003