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Training Reference Materials

  • SPD PURCHASING GUIDE.This guide describes the procurement process, the types of procurements we conduct, the kinds of contracts that can result and what we purchase. The Purchasing Guide includes flowcharts of the various processes and will be of interest to Government and Vendor persons alike.
  • SPD REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS RFP) PROCUREMENT GUIDE.This is a nationally recognized guide on how to do RFP based procurements the right way. The guide contains extensive real-life examples and compliments SPD's three day RFP class. Download RFP Procurement Guide
  • DFA/CRB & SPD PROFESSIONAL SERVICES DETERMINATION GUIDANCE.This 3 page document reflects a joint CRB & SPD position on determining whether a particular service can be considered "professional" or not. Download Professional Services Determination Guidance
  • eProcurement Project -  Phase I of the e-procurement project solidified the procurement business processes by applying consistency in the procurement process and streamlining the usage of commodity codes. Enhanced control over the data input through leveraging data already loaded into SHARE provides better consistency in reporting functionality. This project adjusted the configuration of the existing purchasing module of SHARE.

    The following links provide the “how to” steps to accurately enter data into SHARE and will provide guidance to Agency procurement staff who are responsible for data entry tasks.
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