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South Complex

 Harold L. Runnels

Address: 1190 S. St. Francis
Square Footage: 174,092
Year Built: 1985
Runnels Runnels 2

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Building Information:

The Runnels Building was named after former United States Congressman, Harold L. Runnels. Runnels was born in Dallas, Texas in 1924.  He graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas and went on to attend Cameron State Agricultural College in Lawton, Oklahoma. He worked for the FBI in Washington, DC until World War II, when he enlisted in the Army Air Corp. In 1950, Runnels moved to New Mexico and was owner of Runnels Mud Company and Ronco Acidizing and Fracturing. In 1960 he was elected State Senator and in 1970 became the Congressman for the second Congressional District.  He earned the reputation as the "Energy Expert", during his tenure in that position.

The Runnels Building  also houses the Octaviano Ambrosio Larrazolo Auditorium, named for the forth Governor of the State of New Mexico. On March 15, 1919, Governor Larrazolo signed House Bill 118 creating the New Mexico Department of Health.  The Runnels Building is the largest building maintained by the Building Services Division.

 John F. Simms, Jr.

Address: 715 Alta Vista
Square Footage: 71,425
Built in: 1976

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Building Information:

Named for John Field Simms, Jr. (1916-1975), Mr. Simms was born in Albuquerque and was a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives from 1947-1949. In 1954 John Simms, Jr., was elected Governor of New Mexico at the age of thirty-eight years of age.  He was, at the time, the youngest Governor to be elected in New Mexico. Governor Simms died on April 11, 1975.

The Simms Building serves as the headquarters for the General Services and Information Technology Departments,  The building houses many of the enterprise computer systems. No other building maintained by the Building Services Division is equipped for back-up power or cooling supply like the Simms Building.

 Joseph Montoya

Address: 1100 S. St. Francis
Square Footage: 133,000
Year Built: 1986

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Montoya Building
Montoya Saddle
Senator Montoya's Saddle 
Building Information:

Named for former United States Senator Joseph Montoya, Senator Montoya was born September 24, 1915 in Sandoval County. In 1938 Joseph Montoya was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives and in 1940 he was elected to the New Mexico Senate. In 1946 and 1948 Joseph Montoya was elected to be the Lieutenant Governor. In 1957 Joseph Montoya was elected to the 85th Congress of the United States by a special election and was reelected to the 87th and 88th Congresses. Joseph Montoya served as a United States Senator from 1964 to the end of his term in 1977. Senator Montoya died on June 5, 1978.
Senator Montoya's saddle, which he used while portraying Don Diego DeVargas in the 1950 Santa Fe Fiesta, is displayed in the atrium of the building.
The GSD State Purchasing Division, Risk Management Division, Administrative Services Division, Property Control Division, Mail Services Unit and Technology and System Support Bureau are located in the Montoya Building.

 Manuel Lujan, Sr.

Address: 1200 S. St. Francis
Square Footage: 76,262
Built: 1974
Runnels 2
USS New Mexico Bell

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Building Information:
The building is named for long time New Mexico businessman Manuel Lujan, Sr.  Mr Lujan, is also the father of United States Representative Manuel Lujan, Jr.. The building serves as the Taxation and Revenue Processing Center for the State.

The ship's bell from the USS New Mexico was given to the citizens of New Mexico and is displayed in the building.

 Public Health Nurses Building

Address: 1105 S. St. Francis
Square Footage: 9,044
Year Built: 1963
Public Health Nurses Building

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Building Information:

The Building is named in honor of the dedicated Public Health Nurses serving the citizens of the State of New Mexico and was dedicated in 2002. The building formerly housed the New Mexico Human Services Department Field Office.

The Public Health Nurses building is an important building for the citizens of New Mexico, housing original birth certificates. Customers are able to request and receive copies of birth and death certificates along with other Vital Statistics concerning New Mexico citizens.

The Office is charged by statute to register, preserve, certify, analyze and publish the Vital Statistics of New Mexico. The original NM Board of Health created the Vital Statistics Division in 1919 shortly after the first unit, which was the Public Health Nurse Unit. 

 Wendell Chino 

Address: 1220 S. St. Francis Drive
Square Footage: 62,000
Year Built: Unknown
Wendell Chino Building

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Building Information:

The building was purchased by the State of New Mexico in 1998. The federal government from the original owner and the State originally leased the building. The Energy, Minerals Natural Resources Department and the Taxation & Revenue Department renovated the Piñon Building for occupancy.

The state renovated the building for occupancy by state offices: Energy Minerals and Natural Resources, Taxation and Revenue Department and the Department of Indian Affairs.

In 2004, the building was named in honor of Wendell Chino, an influential leader. He was former president of the Mescalero Apache Nation and the National Congress of American Indians who helped strengthen his people's self-determination in the 1960's and raised national awareness of Indian issues.