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Civil Rights Commission > Contact Us/Public Input


Due to the Commission’s time constraints and concerns over COVID-19 public health pandemic, the Commission proposes to facilitate public participation by written comments and responses to a questionnaire. Your comments and answers to the questionnaire will be made available to Commissioners through the Commission website and may also be sent directly to known stake holders by Commissioners and Commission staff.
Due no later than October 31, 2020, and you can answer one or more of the following questions or provide a narrative or other information for the Commission’s consideration.
Individual Commissioners or staff may follow up with you for additional information, and the public comments may be appended to the Commission’s report to the New Mexico Legislature. 
You can submit your input through the form below or email your comments to, or by physical mail to 925 Luna Cir. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102.


*Statement of Interest: Please provide your name, the city in which you reside, and contact information where Commissioners and Commission staff can contact you if they need further information. If you are submitting a response on behalf of an entity, please provide the name of the entity, whether it operates in New Mexico, the contact information of the entity, when the entity was founded and describe its membership and activities. 


You may use this space to provide the Commission with your comments, a short personal experience with a civil rights issue or to expand on any of the questions below. Space is limited to 3000 characters.


(your responses are limited to 3000 characters)
Question 1: The New Mexico Constitution provides rights to the people in this state, but currently there is not a statute or private right of action that allows people to recover when these rights are violated. Do you support a civil cause of action that would allow a person to bring a lawsuit to recover for violations of their rights under the New Mexico Constitution? Please explain why or why not.
Question 2: Do you believe allowing people to bring lawsuits to recover for violations of the New Mexico Constitution would improve how Government agencies and officials operate and/or the policies and procedures they create?
Question 3: If you are familiar with the doctrine of qualified immunity, do you believe qualified immunity should be a defense to a lawsuit for violations of the New Mexico Constitution?
Question 4: Should government actors found liable for civil rights violations be indemnified in such actions by either their government employer or its insurers?
Question 5: The commission has been asked to consider the potential for increased costs to government that adding a civil rights action might lead to. Please provide your thoughts on this issue.